KS boutique is back

KS boutique is back

KS Boutique is back...

Our hugely successful experimental brand KS Boutique returns for Summer 2020.

Crafted from high-quality materials, we have experimented with this playful collection to offer something new and exciting.

Sporty, spirited and fun, our second KS Boutique collection features stand out chunky silhouettes, sparkling jewel embellishments and distressed soles for a vintage appeal. All details and features we know our customers love!

Due to the low price and beautiful quality these trainers always sell out swiftly. Please be quick - don’t miss out!

Introducing The Shine...

‘Shine’ is a vintage inspired take on the trainer trend. A distressed sole creates a cool, worn-in vibe while a grey star patch and yellow heel adds a fun edge.


Introducing The Sparkle

’Sparkle’ is the glamorous way to do the trainer trend. A sleek white body contrast with a chunky coloured sole, whilst the jewels encrusted tongue detail lends a flirty, feminine touch. Available in this pretty pink, silver and gold.


Introducing The Galaxy

’Galaxy’ is a vintage inspired take on the trainer trend. A platform sole creates a cool, sporty vibe while a star patch with sparkling Diamanté’s adds a fun edge.


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