Cheltenham Maman : Mum Kicks

Cheltenham Maman : Mum Kicks

Cheltenham Maman: Guest Blog

This week on the blog we have our lovely friend Kate from Cheltenham Maman talking about the the popularity of trainers as a fashion item in recent years, how she wears hers and which styles she loves this season. 

We hope you enjoy reading, and make sure to check out Kate's blog at for more!

The Team at Keith Scarrott


I was born in 1981 and my Mum was all about the style. I loved the outfits she wore and was always really proud to have a fashionable Mum. But thinking back to what Mums wore back then there’s one big difference that stands out… unless she was exercising I don’t ever remember seeing her wear trainers… a stylish loafer for sure, maybe the low block heels that we have seen make a come back this year and certainly a sandal or a boot but never a funky trainer that I can remember.


Fast forward 30 years and I’m very pleased to report that Mum style is still going strong and just like my mum used clothes to express her personality I try to do the same but likely more than 70% of the time you’ll see me teaming what I wear with a sneaker. I love them – always have and always will. I’ve written before about the three pairs of Buffalo trainers I owned in the nineties, I rocked a Ked white trainer and have had more than my fair share of Converse but the last few years have seen a real rise in popularity of the fashion trainer and this is great news for Mums because it means we can team practicality, comfort and colours that disguise snot on our jeans and slogan sweats with alllllll the colour, style sparkle, jewels and general over the top, playful embellishment of a fashion trainer.

Last season I introduced you all to local shoe retailer Keith Scarrott. My Mum may not have worn trainers very often but she did wear Keith Scarrott shoes and approves of the fact that I’m now rocking their timeless styles. So this spring/summer season I’ve selected the shoes I think are perfect for a Mum capsule wardrobe. Blush pink suede with a chunky sole and these butterflies – I mean…… how could I not? They also came in navy and the colour call was tricky for me but that sun has to come out some day and I decided there was nothing that blush pink won’t go with.

My new Mum kicks  are one pair of very many now on offer in store or online. Here’s a selection of some of my other favourites…. I need to know which ones you love… place your vote in the comments or on my social media….

I had a lovely chat with owner Sophie Scarrott whilst I was choosing the other day and I’m really keen on their philosophy. You can get cheaper trainers – we all know that – but these trainers are hand made in Italy. They are unique and timeless and as I said before will make the blandest, most practical outfit look effortlessly stylish! They don’t get involved in retail gimmicks but you do get great customer service and a beautiful pair of shoes which, if you look after the way they deserve, will see you through several seasons. Here’s a few of my favorites from the rest of the collection…


I love my Mum Kicks  and though I could just about handle the return of the eighties shoulder pad, a world where fashion doesn’t involve great trainers is not the world for me.

Watch out for me skipping through town in these babies just as soon as spring reappears.

Have a great day Mamans – if anyone fancies grabbing their pair before it’s too late use code cheltenhammaman at the Keith Scarrott check out for free delivery. You can also follow their Instagram page for updates on new stock.


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