How to Style: Rivaldo

How to Style: Rivaldo

How to style: Rivaldo

We just dropped Rivaldo, the sister boot to our hugely loved and missed Rialto boot and we decided to whip up some more style ideas. We’ve tried to style them with party season in mind. It’s that time of year when we tend to have a lot more on so we’ve picked three events ands three different ways of wearing Rivaldo . Whether you are off out for brunch, have been invited to a dinner or are going for cocktails with friends, we’ve styled a Rivaldo look for you.

Scroll down to discover how we'd wear this must have boot!


Part of the beauty of Rivaldo is it's versatility. The mid heel is elegant and practical. It gives you that little bit of height without sacrificing on comfort. So if you have a day running errands and are fitting a quick brunch with friends in between, Rivaldo is a great option. We've paired the khaki suede pair with easy to 'throw on and go' pieces. Slim jeans are great because you can tuck them in or wear them over the top (which is oh so on trend at the moment!). Pair with a standout coat that lifts the look and a cool crossbody bag and you have the perfect stylish, effortless look.


Rivaldos' slim ankle cut and neatly concealed zip means they not only look great with jeans, but with dresses and skirts too! For our dinner look we've opted to style Rivaldo in this gorgeous, rich chocolate hue, with emerald and gold tones. People often worry about what they will wear brown with as they fall for the 'you can't wear brown with black' myth, but it's actually an incredibly useful colour for your wardrobe. It DOES go with black but it also offsets lots of colours beautifully. This look is fancy/formal but our Rivaldo boot anchors it - keeping it both comfortable and on trend. You can easily convert this look for day by switching the skirt for jeans or the blazer for a slouchy knit. 


Ankle boots paired with a mini dress has long been the go to look for models and fashionistas alike and it makes perfect sense why. The ankle boots immediately contrast with the dress creating a more edgy vibe that just instantly looks cool. We've chosen to pair Rivaldo in navy with complimentary jewel tones - see how the pink flatters the gorgeous, deep blue tones of the boot? We are obsessed with this combination! You could wear this look with bare legs or tights and look equally as chic. Prefer to keep your legs covered? Choose an ankle skimming length dress instead and let the boots be a surprise pop of colour.

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