How to Style: Rivera

How to Style: Rivera

How to style: Rivera

You know we adore a cowboy boot here at Keith Scarrott and two new styles have just dropped, leaving us all a flutter! We are often asked how we would wear our cowboy boots so we just HAD to take the opportunity to create two styling boards to give anyone with a little doubt some inspiration.

First up a little intro to THE boot - Rivera. Rivera has all the elements you’d expect on a typical cowboy boot. Cuban heel? Tick! Decorative topstitching? Tick! Curved top lines and pull tabs? TICK! They truly have it all. Hand made in Italy, they are cut from luxurious soft calf suede in either a rich, chocolate brown or a deep, dark navy. The toe is pointed with a stepped out, chiselled sole which is so on trend. The most important thing about these boots, and what I think is the thing people get hung up on when it comes to cowboy styles, is they aren’t ‘gimmicky’. The style is classic, it’s subtle and it’s timeless. The stitching detail is in matching colours, the heel is low and easy to wear everyday and the suede is lightly distressed at toe and heel for a ‘worn in’ vibe. 

You could easily add these boots to your current wardrobe, without having to buy new items to match ( though a little shopping never hurt… ).

look one: day

We’ve got to admit, we were inspired by one of our all time favourite cowboy boot looks for this outfit and that is the famous princess Diana at the polo look. Recreated since by multiple magazines, including campaigns with supermodels such as Hailey Beiber, it’s a look that has truly stood the test of time. It’s easy to adapt for the modern wardrobe, and could easily be created with bits you already have. Not only that, it wouldn’t take much effort to smarten it up too. We’ve made the look a little more ‘now’ by using a soft, slouchy knit rather than a sweatshirt. Don’t be afraid to tuck those jeans in and show off the boots, but if thats not the look for you they’ll look equally great worn under jeans, just select a loose or flared style.

1.Tweed Blazer - Ralph Lauren 2.Off Shoulder Jumper - Reiss 3.Straight Raw Hem Jeans - Agolde 4.Gucci Belt - Cuckoos Nest 5.Aviators - Ralph Lauren (at John Lewis). 6.Leather Weave Bag - Anthropologie

look two: night

You might look at Rivera and think theres no chance it could be styled for a ‘going out’ look, but we think differently! Almost everything can be made to work for the evening - you just have to pick the right texture and accessories.  

 The tone of the navy suede is very rich - it provides a pop of colour even though it’s a dark shade and it appears more like a jewel tone than a traditional navy. Due to the colour it has already got a luxury, expensive feel. Paired with black silk (don’t fall for the navy doesn’t go with black myth!) you’ve immediately added a more ‘fancy’ vibe. We’ve chosen a simple black slip cut on the bias for a universally flattering fit. It cuts off around the ankle so you still get a good look at the detail on the boot, but its also a great length for Winter. Paired with a leather jacket, which I’m sure most people already have, the look takes on a tough luxe feel and already it’s dressy without being over the top. 

We’ve added diamante earrings to add a more dressy feel but you could pair with something simpler to keep bit more casual. Throw on a cross body bag or clutch and you are all set! 

1.Leather Jacket - All Saints 2.Silk Slip Dress - All Saints 3.Bag - Mulberry 4.Black Leather Belt - Oliver Bones 5.Earrings - Anthropologie 6.Tom Ford Perfume - John Lewis

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